Friday, 14 October 2016

You are so me

This poem describes about the wished childhood, present individual and future self.

When you were child, carefree and playful.

Hey boy, you are so me,
different names, mould to we.
All are happy, greeting you,
celebrations at home for member new.

Hey girl, the cutie pie,
reflection of stars in your eye.
Charm on you of joyfulness,
cruel world and you goddess.

When a person understands responsibilities and works to fulfill them.

Hey man, you are still so me,
how was your day, happy and free?
Call from your mom, check your phone,
be soft with others, and smoothen your tone.

Hey lady, be confident and true,
be brave and create your view.
The world is glary, because you are here,
the smile you carry, is all i care.

The old age may not be the desired one.

Hey Mr, you are not me,
you are mute and me astute.
Do you regret any of your act,
Educate others in abstract.

Hey Mrs, the goddess you,
selfless one, the love is true.
Parent prefixed with grand ooh..
greeting again a friend new.

An advice from the other world.

Hope you remember, who we were,
lost somewhere as a fur.
Part of me is still here,
that was all i used to care.

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